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Aequus Advantage

Why do clients choose to work with Aequus?

We are independent. Free from the metrics and sales expectations of a “big bank,” Aequus can deliver highly tailored services combined with customized planning and investment advice that is client focused.

At a larger banking institution, the advisors work for the bank and service the client to the best of their ability. 

At Aequus, we are not obligated to promote any particular product, manager, or proprietary offerings. Our team members do not have to attend sales meetings that are all-too-common at the big banks, nor is their compensation dependent in any way to the types of products – investment or banking – that they choose to utilize with our clients.

At Aequus, our advisors work for you. Period.


Our team members are Certified Financial Planners,™ and therefore are held to a higher oversight standard. Each advisor has met rigorous educational coursework and experience requirements while committing to the high ethical and professional standards of the CFP® Board. They must serve you as an investment advisory fiduciary placing your needs, goals and best interests above all and anything else. This is not simply an expectation for our team members; it is a binding requirement.

fi·du·ci·ar·y | adjective

·involving trust, especially with regard to the relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary

Aequus Partners Advantage | Fiduciary

Not Alone

Independent, however, does not mean Aequus is alone. In fact, there is a highly symbiotic relationship operating continuously, quietly, and seamlessly in the background that makes certain all of your financial needs can be met and that adds a layer of protection for your assets – now and in the future.


Aequus Partners Advantage | Technology

Technology is ever evolving. Over the years, the available tools to both make the planning and investment process more effective while providing clients with a better user experience, have been rapidly evolving. Aequus has spent a significant amount of time curating the most forward thinking and cutting edge tools to deliver a world class experience.

As technology continues to evolve, Aequus is committed to constantly learn about and seek out new tools to be incorporated in the Aequus experience.

How does the Aequus Advantage work for you?

We take all our independent ideas powered by modern technology and put them to work for you. Check out our suite of services that are tailored to fit your needs.

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