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Free Financial Planning Tools

Simple Financial Planning

Looking for a way to save for a big purchase like a home or emergency expenses? Wondering about your overall financial performance?

Just checking in on your bank account once in a while isn’t enough. If you need ONE place where you can manage all of your finances and get a super easy snapshot of your progress towards your goals, we’ve got the solution.

Today, you can get access for free. No obligation, no sales calls, nothing. You input your data, and get access via our super easy-to-use software.

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These Tools Are For You If...

Getting started

You’re just starting out in your career and wondering what to save and how to invest.

Combining Finances

You're getting married or are newly married and need to get on the same page about finances.


Planning Ahead

You’re starting a family and want to ensure you’re doing all the right things to take care of your kids.

Aequus Partners Services | Financial Services

Who is Aequus Planning?

We know financial planning can be stressful and confusing. Most financial advisors cater to people who have thousands to invest, but no one starts out that way.

That’s why we’ve created financial tools to help you get started on the path to success. Whether you’re just starting out in your career, building a family, or trying to reach a specific goal, you need a system to help you track your progress.

There shouldn’t be barriers to trustworthy financial planning tools.

We’re here to help you with the basics to discover a calm, clear, and confident future.

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