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Tax Tips

Tips for 2022 Tax Season

Here are four ways to help you develop strategies that fit your plan and reduce your tax exposure in 2022.
Retirement Income Plan | Aequus Planning

Retirement Income – Developing a Plan

Develop an income plan for retirement with different sources. Here are a few tips on how to get started.
Tips for Handing an Inheritance | Aequus Partners Financial Planning

Top 3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Inheritance

Check out our top 3 tips for handling your inheritance. Planning ahead for how you will use the wealth and any taxes.
What Is Inflation - And Why Is Everyone Talking About It? | Aequus Planning

What Is Inflation – And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Is inflation a good thing? When is it cause to worry?
Robo-Advisor Vs. Human Advisor: Which One Should You Choose?

Robo-Advisor Vs. Human Advisor: Which One Should You Choose?

As financial planners, we can tell you most people need help investing - the only question is whether that help should be from a robo-advisor or human advisor.
Finance Conversations for Couples | Aequus Partners Financial Planning

Financial Conversation Tips for Couples

Communication about money is often fraught for couples, and bringing the topic up with your partner can be challenging. But discussing financial concerns, goals and habits is key to a strong relationship. And open communication about these topics can help you and your partner work as a team toward common financial goals.
Tax Tips for Charitable Donations | Aequus Partners

Tax Tips for Charitable Donations

Make sure you’re making your 2020 deductions & planning for your 2021 charitable giving. Here’s a quick look at what you need to know.

Where is Your Wealth Going?

A well-designed estate plan ensures that your wealth fulfills your wishes while avoiding conflict among your heirs.
Aequus Partners Services

Biggest Mistakes People Make in a Recession

Five avoidable mistakes that are common regardless of any economic slowdown.

Understanding Retirement Income Tax

A breakdown of the most commons sources of retirement income & how they are taxed differently.

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